Women In Landscape Architecture

The Woland Foundation is a non profit organization established by a team of relentless and creative optimists in South Florida since 2018.

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WoLand Foundation: Gather 2022

An experience powered by The WOLAND Foundation. 
Bringing our industry leaders, students, and passionate creatives together for an unforgettable evening! 
Curated bites + Drinks + Live Performances by NOMADE Miami. 
Thank you to all the sponsors who made it possible for us to GATHER!

President Speech:

Tonight, you chose togetherness, you chose community …. you chose to gather. 
After all, these past few years seriously challenged everyone and everything around us as we were forced to socially distance and isolate. 
But… here we are today…. we survived! and have come together stronger than before, with a new focus on what is truly important in this life: family, health, and community. 
If you are standing on this floor today, somebody cares about you; someone out there and in this room believes in our mission to continue grow this amazing community.
Now look over to the sponsor’s banner. You, see? somebody appreciates you! 
The logos on this banner mean that you are part of an organization where each member has been critical in the gains and achievements in recent years. And so, this gathering serves as a resounding “thank you” for your dedication and perseverance. 
In the words of our dearly departed Chef Anthony Bourdain: 
“I think food, culture, people, and landscape are absolutely inseparable.”  So tonight, I encourage us all to share our ideas and stories with those around. Take the initiative to connect with a stranger! 
Everyone present is of a creative mind, with uniquely interesting ideas and perspectives. We sincerely hope that this gathering will last far beyond our time together tonight. Let us continue to strive upward and outward.
 As a community of like-minded artists, let tonight be a reminder of who we are, what we have accomplished, and a bright future that lies ahead. 
We hope you enjoy yourselves, relax, and smile. 
Speaking on behalf of myself, the entire Woland team, Vaco sudio and Nomade Miami, it is an absolute pleasure to meet new friends, to see the lower half of your faces and best of all, to be able to finally hug one other once again.

Our Mission

To bridge the gap between education and the future workforce for women
in Landscape Architecture

Our Mission Strategy

Through data collection and with over 30 years of combined experience, we have created educational programs targeting the development of crucial skills and knowledge we believe are the key to a successful transition into
the work force for our members

Our Sponsors