A hand’s on program is literally, getting your hands on an actual workshop. Listening is great and people enjoy learning from others. But we are strong believers that there’s no better way to learn than to get actual physical, mental experience. We provide this program several times a year and are always looking for talented women to share ideas so that our team can curate a workshop with you!

Rooted In Design - 2019

Shea Hanson, a Landscape Architect and Arborist, shared her experiences and knowledge about trees in urban environments. This was a highly interactive workshop with a walk through downtown Hollywood and a roadway section design competition between the attendees! Shea shared her advice on what to avoid when planting street trees to help prolong the life of the tree and helping to avoid damages to people and property.

Diagram Your Life - 2020

Diagramming is an important tool for graphically communicating data and concepts easily. Andrea Sandoval has a unique talent in creating easy to understand and beautiful diagrams. She shared her skills, advice, and resources for creating these images, not only in a professional capacity, but also in personal applications.