Mentoring Programs

At The WoLand Foundation,we believe Mentoring is The MOST important program, not only because of the knowledge and skills students can learn from mentors, but also because mentoring provides professional socialization and personal support to facilitate success during school and beyond. Quality mentoring greatly enhances students' chances for success. We provide a number of programs, each dedicated to tackle specific aspects of professional and personal development to provide opportunities for growth to current and future professionals.


Our Walk-On program allows for students to be involved in a real-world design project while being guided and mentored by actual professionals. This program provides a safe environment for the students to experience the design process and learn about what is expected from them when they enter the workforce.

At the end of the program, the students will have a real project for their portfolio and actual work experience that will prepare them to become better professionals from the start.

After participating in the Walk-On program, we hope one day the students will mentor the new generation of designers, and provide to them the same knowledge, time, and experience they were provided, and the cycle of learning and teaching will continue.


A WoMinar is a gender-equity-focused seminar, designed and created by our team. By way of extensive research and community outreach combined with over 40 years of professional experience we are able to identify the areas that are under-represented in our educational systems. Once we've homed in on a specific topic, we seek out equally driven and like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs with whom we can collaborate.

These individuals are graciously willing to share their experience and knowledge with hungry, inquisitive minds. We ask that they try to give tangible career advice, with an emphasis on any specific tools or strategies that they feel would benefit the younger generation in their pursuit of happiness and success.


A Hands- on program is literally, getting your hands on an actual workshop. Listening is great and people enjoy learning from others. But we are strong believers that there’s no better way to learn than to get actual physical, mental experience.

We provide this program several times a year and are always looking for talented women to share ideas so that our team can curate a workshop with you!


Concurrently with the December Art Basel fairs in Miami and Miami beach, the Woland foundation explores the opportunity to showcase and create awareness about a specific environmental topic every year. We go around the city looking for underdogs like us who are willing to envision, design and install a temporary or permanent art exhibition that creates awareness and impacts the city in a positive way all the while inspiring young minds to see the value and opportunity in Landscape Architecture and thus deciding to embark in this industry as new pioneers.

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