A Brand new program launching in 2022. Simply put, Momentum is a program developed for ALL! Including students, recent graduates, established professionals, business owners, freelancers. Momentum meets every* week on Saturday from 9:00 am - 12:30 pm. Momentum is a safe, positive and encouraging space where the goal is to build and maintain momentum of each person's professional career journey.

For students: design reviews, design concept discussions, plant knowledge learning, preparing for job applications and job interviews, drafting and software assistance, presentation skills, student life / personal life balance, and financial topics.

For young and established professionals : 30 - 40 min workshops in programming, drafting, code understanding, continued education opportunities, career growth opportunities, assistance on oral and written communication, time management, challenges at work ,work life balance, financial topics.

For Business owners, freelancers and entrepreneurs: Research topic discussions, panels, investment opportunities, knowledge sharing , networking, collaborations, pro-bono work opportunities, retirement.

Participants MUST register and submit a registration form in order to attend Momentum, this is a free service provided by the Woland foundation and made possible by sponsor donations statewide. Participants may register as mentors or mentees.

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