A WoMinar is a gender-equity-focused seminar, designed and created by our team. By way of extensive research and community outreach combined with over 40 years of professional experience we are able to identify the areas that are under-represented in our educational systems. Once we've homed in on a specific topic, we seek out equally driven and like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs with whom we can collaborate. These individuals are graciously willing to share their experience and knowledge with hungry, inquisitive minds. We ask that they try to give tangible career advice, with an emphasis on any specific tools or strategies that they feel would benefit the younger generation in their pursuit of happiness and success.

Bullet Journaling - 2019

Our very first Wominar focused on productivity and organization. The WoLand Foundation’s Executive Secretary, Kelsey Trujeque, taught about Bullet Journaling, an analog method of organization able to be personalized for every aspect of life. Bullet Journaling teaches how to track the past, order the present, and design the future.

PlantAhead - 2019

Our Financial Planning Wominar featured guest lecturer financial planner Hiram Hernandez. Hiram broke down the 52 most common financial mistakes and provided the attendees with some insight into how to change their attitudes from “finances are not my thing” to “I got this”. The seeds you plant now are those you harvest in the future – a concept that especially applies to securing your financial future.

Silent Skyline - 2019

This panel Wominar featured Jessica and Mike Berthin , two professionals working in different sectors of the construction industry. The beautiful skyline of Miami was mostly created by people whose voices are seldom heard. Jessica shared about her experience as a female construction supervisor working to build the structures making up our City. Mike shared his views of the industry and ways he helps support his partner as she navigates a male-dominated profession.